[c]/skreɪp / (say skrayp)

verb (scraped, scraping)
verb (t)
1. to deprive of or free from an outer layer, adhering matter, etc., by drawing or rubbing something, especially a sharp or rough instrument, over the surface.
2. to remove (an outer layer, adhering matter, etc.) in this way.
3. to scratch; produce as by scratching.
4. to rub harshly on or across (something).
5. to draw or rub (a thing) roughly across something.
6. to level (an unpaved road) with a grader.
7. Colloquial (taboo) (of a man) to have intercourse with (a woman).
verb (i)
8. to scrape something.
9. to rub against something gratingly.
10. to produce a grating and unmusical tone from a string instrument.
11. to draw back the foot in making a bow.
12. to practise laborious economy or saving: they scraped for years in order to buy a house.
13. the act of scraping.
14. a drawing back of the foot in making a bow.
15. a scraping sound.
16. a scraped place.
17. a slight depression in the ground formed naturally or from the action of animals such as the kangaroo resting there, or birds making a nest.
18. Medicine Colloquial curettage of the uterus.
19. an embarrassing situation.
20. a fight; struggle; scrap.
21. Colloquial (taboo) an act of sexual intercourse.
22. scrape an acquaintance with somebody, to force one's attentions upon somebody in order to get acquainted with them.
23. scrape off, to remove (something forming an outside layer) with a sharp instrument: to scrape off the paint.
24. scrape through,
a. to manage to get through (an examination, etc.) with difficulty or barely succeeding: I just scraped through the driving test.
b. to manage to get by with difficulty; succeed by a narrow margin: it was difficult having no money, but somehow we managed to scrape through.
25. scrape up (or together), to collect by or as by scraping, or laboriously, or with difficulty.
{Middle English, from Old Norse skrapa}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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